The PADNOS Solar Project
We are proud to display our commitment to the environment and embracing the future of renewable energy through our own solar power installation.
  • Reaching a milestone in our solar energy initiative

    Today (9/28/2015), we surpassed one GWH – One Million Kilowatt Hours – of energy production via our solar panels at our Wyoming facility, a milestone in our solar energy initiative.

    Jeff Padnos featured in Cascade Renewable Energy
  • 636 banks of solar panels cover 15,000 sq ft atop PADNOS

    Wyoming (12/22/2009).-Biting wind and blowing snow could not chill the fervor for solar power at recycling, where the state's largest solar-panel installation goes on line this week. This is the first big solar project for Cascade Renewable Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of Fred Keller's Cascade Engineering Inc.
    Journeyman Mike Carlon, with Swanson Electric company in Grant, works on wiring the combine box for the new solar panels on top of the Padnos Iron & Metal roof in Wyoming
  • PADNOS Solar Project

    Solar Panels at PADNOS Wyoming, MI

    At PADNOS, we make it a priority to continually improve our operations and activities in order to protect our environment. We believe our work makes the world a better place to live and are proud of what we do and how we do it.

    For these reasons, PADNOS is taking recycling to the next level. With the help of Cascade Renewable Energy, the PADNOS facility in Wyoming, Michigan is now generating clean, renewable power on-site using recycled solar energy.

  • PADNOS solar energy initiative

  • PADNOS Scrap Management

    PADNOS manages scrap for industrial and commercial accounts. We are based in Michigan but serve clients across the country from the deserts of Arizona to the Atlantic Coast. Accuracy, efficiency, and control are the hallmarks of PADNOS Scrap Management (PSM) and our hands-on approach. 

    PSM has built partnerships with scrap consumers, logistics providers, and scrap dealers across the United States. The PADNOS team leverages over 100 years of scrap management expertise to implement industry best practices and maximize ROI. 

    After all, your expertise is in the manufacturing of your products. Our expertise is in the value of your scrap and the best, most efficient way of getting your scrap to market.

    For more information please contact:
    Scrap Management
    (800) 442-3509

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